You may notice, as you travel about, a series of posters which spell out the impact of air pollution in Bath on people’s health.

The posters are part of a campaign by the council to encourage all of us to think about the way we travel and when possible to make fewer car journeys, use public transport, walk or cycle more.

We are being told that diesel and older petrol vehicles are the biggest contributors to NO2pollution in Bath and high levels have been found to make existing heart and lung conditions worse.

The council wants to bring clean air to Bath one of the ways to help make this happen is through a proposed Charging Clean Air Zone. Work on the CAZ is currently under way and a decision about it will have to be made by December this year.

I would encourage people to find out more helping reduce NOand more information about this can be found here  

Earlier in the week I met residents to hear about their plans for future events they want to make happen at the  Royal Crescent, which earlier in the year provided an iconic backdrop for the launch of Minerva’s Owls –  a superb summer trail which saw more than 80 decorative owls all over the city.

All the owls can be seen for one last time on Saturday and Sunday for the Owls Hoot Farewell at Bath Recreation Ground before the charity auction on 17 October. It’s a case of while the team’s away the owls will play – Bath are visiting top-of-the-table Saracens and need to secure those vital points having won their last two games.