A recent report from the Schools Adjudicator has highlighted the fact that many children currently starting Year 7, are travelling from South West Bath across the city to a school further away from home because some parents did not use the five preferences available to them when they applied for school places last year.

The council wants parents and carers of current Year 6 pupils to avoid this and is reminding parents to not only get their applications in by the October 31 deadline but also to fill in all five preferences available to them to avoid being offered a place at a school some distance away.  

Applications can be made via the Admissions Online link on the council’s website www.bathnes.gov.uk/admissions

The return of students to school has, as it always does, had an impact on traffic – we will all have noticed longer journey times and when there are road works as well it can make for delays that none of us want.

This week there was an issue for many motorists, including me, at the Bences Garage junction where the A39 connects with the A368 at Marksbury.

While we have been warning people to allow more time for their journeys there was one day where there was an issue with the traffic lights which has been addressed and for which we apologise to all those affected by the additional delay.

With more than 5,000 vehicles passing through this junction each day, it has always been a pinch point. However, the work which is now being done will improve the layout and reduce journey times.

It is part of improvements to the A39 including the Two Headed Man junction, which was completed last November and is being made possible after the council secured £700,000 towards the cost of the £890,000 scheme from the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) through the Local Growth Fund (LGF), administered by the West of England Combined Authority. 

We do ask motorists to be patient with this and other road works – and we do want to remind parents with children moving up to secondary school, that to help avoid additional school travel next year please put five choices down.