People living in and around Bath will no doubt, by now, be aware of our announcement earlier this week about clean air.

On Tuesday, together with Councillor Bob Goodman, we launched a six-week consultation on proposals which would see all higher emission vehicles, including cars, being charged to drive in a Clean Air Zone in Bath. We also announced a package of support for the community.

It is well reported that Bath & North East Somerset has been told by Government, along with 27 other authorities, to take urgent action to reduce dangerous nitrogen dioxide levels caused by vehicle emissions in the shortest possible time and by 2021 at the latest.

However, pollution in our beautiful world heritage city has been an age-old problem and I am pleased that we are taking action and addressing this serious health matter.

The council is seeking people’s views on this proposal which would bring about the reduction in NO2 shortest possible time and by 2021 at the latest. And so I really want to encourage as many people and businesses as possible to take part in the survey to share their concerns and ideas about the charging clean air zone including the proposed package of measures to support people through this.

While no decisions have been made, the council is legally bound to reach a decision by December and you have until November 26 to take part in the consultation.

You can find more information, including online questionnaires, can be found online at Printed summaries and questionnaires can also be found at local B&NES libraries and One Stop Shops.  You can also attend drop-in events the next one is on Wednesday 24th October, in the Guildhall, Bath, from 4-8 pm.

This week I was delighted to see a group of volunteers celebrating the launch of the newly named Love Weston Library, which they have taken over as part of the council’s Modern Libraries programme.


Anyone who listens to BBC Radio Bristol will have heard Sir Peter Heywood, from the Love Weston Library Team, and Councillor Karen Warrington, cabinet member for Transformation and Customer Services, talking this morning on the Emma Britton breakfast show about the successful handover.

A lot of hard work has been put in already by the volunteers and it is great to see the library renewed and refreshed and playing its important part in the community. Next month we can look forward to another two community libraries will open in Bishop Sutton and Timsbury.

Looking ahead to tomorrow l’m hoping for a great result when Bath play away to Wasps and to their first win in the European Cup.