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Changes to your rubbish collection services from 6 November 2017

Look out for your leaflet posted to your home during the week beginning 28 August

This 4 page leaflet will

  • tell you more about what is changing and why
  • suggest how best to sort your recycling boxes to make space in your wheeled bin or re-usable rubbish bag

  • include some frequently asked questions

  • list additional services we offer to help you

You can check your bin allocation by entering your address here  

If you have missed the opportunity to query your rubbish container allocation please contact Council Connect.

Find out more

Recycling facebook page

Like us on facebook for news and ideas to recycle more and waste less, to get ready for the change to every other week rubbish collections from 6 November

Calling all recyclers - we want to hear from you.

How do you do it in your home/school/workplace?

We need all kinds of resident recyclers to star in our campaign in 2017. Instead of using generic pictures, we want real Bath and North East Somerset residents! We want you to show us how you recycle, to encourage others to recycle more, and to help them get ready for the change to every other week rubbish collections starting in November.

We want your stories, photos, videos and recycling tips to share with others and are keen to hear from individuals and groups – including schools, families, housemates, work groups – how do you do it in your home/school/workplace?

We want to use your photos and stories mainly for our social media campaign.

Want to get involved and make a difference?


1. Send your photos/stories/tips/videos to us at  and let us know how you do your recycling - is there anything unusual about how you do it where you live, who organises it in your house, how do you use your food recycling bin, how do your kids get involved, and we’d love to hear about practical tips you can share to make it easier. If you have a fun way to recycle or a humorous tale to tell please also get in touch -we welcome creative ideas.

You can see some food recycling stories here for ideas


2. Email us at  to nominate recycling star(s) – people you know who we could contact for a brief interview and to take some photos. Please check that your nominee is happy to be contacted for this campaign - if so, please provide the name, contact number and email address for your nominee and explain briefly why you are nominating them. We are pleased to be working in partnership with students at Bath Studio School for this campaign, so we may be passing on the contact details you provide so that the students can contact you/your nominee to arrange a short interview and to take photographs/videos.

Severe weather or problems effecting recycling and rubbish collections

If your recycling or rubbish has not been collected on the day you expected please check our collection problems notification page advice here first. If your street is not listed please report it online to Council Connect. 



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