If you receive care and support funded by your local authority, it is important to make sure that care continues if you decide to move to a different local authority area. Your new local authority becomes responsible for your care and support on the day that you move. There are some exceptions to this such as when the move is into a care home funded by your original authority, but these will be explained to you by your social worker.

When arranging a move you might want to take any equipment with you that is needed for your care. This is possible, although the two authorities involved need to talk to ensure that it is safe to do so and can be maintained in the new area. Where this involves equipment supplied by the NHS the new area can make arrangements to ensure that you still get the support you need.

We want to ensure that the care and support you have is maintained for you when you move. We will take the same approach for any carers that you have, either before or after the move. If you live in social housing, find out about swapping your home with someone in another part of the UK.

Moving into Bath & North East Somerset?

If are moving into Bath and North East Somerset we will need to talk to you about the care and support you currently get. We will probably need to contact your previous social work team about what services you have had.

As soon as you know that you are going to move into Bath & North East Somerset local authority area, please call our Sirona advisers on 01225 396000, option 2 to arrange the transfer of care.

We will talk to you about your eligible needs and then draw up a care and support plan with you. This will be used to arrange your care and support whilst you live in this area. If there is any delay between your arrival here and us being able to do a new support plan we will use your previous care and support plan until the new one is ready. In this situation we will ask your previous local authority for a copy of their assessment, care and support plan, financial assessment and a summary of what they have done to support you in the past.

Moving out of Bath & North East Somerset?

Tell your social worker, or call us on 01225 396000, option 2 to tell us where you are going to move to. We will then contact the local authority concerned and make arrangements to transfer information about your care and support to them so they can quickly arrange a new care and support package for you. This information will include a copy of the assessment we did for you, your care and support plan, financial assessment and a summary of what we have done to support you in the past. Where possible we will work with the new authority to ensure that the support you need continues during the move.