Adoption is a way of giving a permanant family to a child who cannot be brought up by their biological parents for a multitude of different reasons. Adoption is for children who can no longer be bought up by their biological family and it is a life long commitment. Adoption means that all parental responsibility goes to the adopters,  legal ties with their birth family are ended however, contact may still be required if it is best for the child.

We provide high quality permanent family placements for our children in care. We recruit and support adopters, and provide adoption support services to adoptive children and families, birth families and other related people.

Our team recruit, prepare, assess, train and support prospective adoptive parents and adopters. Prospective adopters are considered by our Adoption and Permanence Panel following assessment. Once approved we support them to become a family.

The team also provides counselling for adopted adults, including support in accessing birth records, locally or through other adoption agencies. This service is available to all adopted adults living in Bath and North East Somerset as well as any person placed for adoption by this authority.

If you are interested in becoming an adopter with Bath and North East Somerset, contact us on 01225 394949 or email to find out more. 

You might also want to look at First4adoption for some basic information.

If you are interested in adopting a child from another country and live in the Bath & North East Somerset area you should contact Parents and Children Together (PACT) .

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