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The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a way of identifying needs at the earliest stage for children and young people.  It involves listening to children/young people (and their parents/carers) to find out what their needs may be and what is working well.   It can help to identify any extra help that might be needed. It will then help children and young people receive the right support at an early stage before their needs increase. Common assessment relies on the principle of all professionals involved communicating with young people, children and families and with each other to provide the best integrated package of support.

Common Assessment will ensure that everyone involved with children and young people – such as teachers or health visitors – work together to support children and young people.  An action plan is then put together to make sure that the right sort of help is provided.

If you have questions about the implementation of Common Assessment Framework in Bath & North East Somerset, please email CAF@Bathnes.gov.uk

For Early Help CAF training please visit http://bathnes.learningpool.com


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