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About the Plastic Pledge

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Plastic Free Bath and North East Somerset is based on four principles: 

Avoid - Eliminate unnecessary single-use plastics and work with the community towards becoming a 'Plastic Free Community'

Recycle - Promote recycling to enable plastic to be reused or recycled while alternatives are developed

Innovate - Harness local expertise and work together across sectors to seek new ways of doing things

Connect - Bring local community action together to enable local learning and to expand action to other parts of the community

There are a number of existing local community-led campaigns running in Bath and North East Somerset that support our challenge of reducing our reliance on and avoiding plastics polluting our environment:

  • #NoPlaceforLitter - find out about local litter picking activity in your area and join the conversation about reducing litter
  • Refill Bath - Free water refill points to make it easier to reuse and refill your water bottle instead of buying a new one
  • Last Straw - Families for a Bright Future talk to businesses about phasing out plastic straws and other unnecessary single-use plastic
  • Repair Cafes - Expert fixers run regular drop-in sessions to save broken items being thrown away
  • Library of things - Borrow It Bath Library of Things - Borrow don't buy, a range of useful items which are needed only for occasional use, e.g. tools, household, gardening equipment, catering utensils, camping items, children & baby equipment
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