The sooner the better...

Our advisers will help you sort out your housing problems visit us or phone us for advice if you:

  • will lose your home because your tenancy is going to end
  • have been evicted from your home
  • need to leave due to violence
  • can't stay due to a fire or flood
  • are sleeping on the street
  • have been asked to leave somewhere temporary (such as a friend's house)

Be prepared...

Bring the right documents with you so we can speed up our advice.  We will ask you to show proof of:

  • identity (for example, passport or ID card)
  • why you have to leave your home (for example, eviction notice)

If possible, also take proof of:

  • income (for example, bank statements, wage slips, proof of benefits)
  • children (for example, child benefit or tax credit letter and birth certificates)
  • pregnancy (a letter from your doctor or midwife)
  • medical conditions (a letter from your doctor or hospital)
  • immigration status (a passport or other document that shows you have the right to live in the UK)

It's important to tell us about anything that make your housing problem hard for you to deal with.

It can help to take someone with you for support and to take notes.

The Homelessness Reduction Act – what it means for you...

The new Homelessness Reduction Act starts in April 2018.  It increases the help all eligible applicants will get from Bath and North East Somerset Council.  

It builds on previous Acts by requiring public authorities (such as the NHS) to notify the Council if someone they’re working with is facing homelessness.

All applicants will be asked to agree a personal housing plan with the Council which will set out the steps that everyone needs to take to ensure they have suitable accommodation.

It adds two new duties:

  • Duty to take steps to prevent homelessness: We will have to help people at risk of losing suitable accommodation as soon as they are threatened with homelessness within 56 days. (It used to be 28 days).
  • Duty to take steps to relieve homelessness: We will have to help all those who are homeless to secure suitable accommodation by working together on the personal housing plan. (Only people with a priority need, usually because they have dependent children, retain the right to be rehoused).


Ask us for advice if you are at risk or are already homeless 

Homelessness assessment  

Rent and council tax support

Relationship breakdown 

Nightstop preventing homelessness through community hosting

Out of hours emergencies   

Tell us about somebody sleeping rough so we can help (link to external Street Link website)

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