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The Place Directorate employs over 750 people providing both key frontline and professional services. 

As a Directorate we are proud of the great range of work we undertake, with a great range of skills evident to provide the best services that we can.

A key ambition is to provide the best services possible whilst also working closer with our partners and communities to deliver improvements together. We also want to improve things for our staff and make sure you have the opportunity to thrive and enjoy the work that you do.

The Place Directorate values customer service highly and has a current target of 90% for overall customer satisfaction. This reflects current performance including some very challenging service areas to deliver. It is a stretch target which is reviewed annually’.

The Strategic Director for the Place Directorate is Louise Fradd.

The directorate is split into three divisions;

In addition to these divisions there is also a Directorate Support unit which provides services across the Place Directorate.


The Councils Vision for Bath and North East Somerset is:

to be internationally renowned as a beautifully inventive and entrepreneurial 21st century place with a strong social purpose and a spirit of wellbeing, where everyone is invited to think big - a 'connected' area ready to create an extraordinary legacy for future generations.

Key aspects of the vision link into the work and delivery of services associated with the Place Directorate as outlined below:

‘Internationally renowned’ – to be a place where businesses want to relocate and where visitors continue to be attracted.

‘Beautifully inventive’ – continue to deliver services effectively and efficiently through constantly seeking new and improved ways of working.

‘Strong social purpose’ – promoting positive social outcomes from the services we deliver

‘Spirit of wellbeing’ – putting health and wellbeing at the core of what we do.

‘Connected’ – ensuring connectivity issues are addressed.

How we intend to achieve the vision along with the key aims and aspirations for focus on over the next four years have been brought together in a directorate plan - The Place Plan, and its supporting action plan.
In summary the key aims and aspirations of the Plan relate to how we want to work:

  • together as a directorate
  • with each other
  • with our customers and communities

The Place Directorate Plan and Infographic are both available to read online or by printing it off

All staff within the Directorate have a key role to play in delivering the Plan and making a positive contribution, whether it is determining development opportunities, welcoming and encouraging visitors or keeping our surroundings safe and clean.


The values at the core of what the Council does are:

Only promise what we can deliver
Nurture creativity and innovation
Excel in everything we do

The Place Directorate will therefore strive to be:

Excellent in all that we do

In order to achieve this we will continue to learn, develop and adapt to changing environments and priorities.


Our Directorate has achieved a lot of good things already. Everyone can be very proud that we have done this in a time where services are under a lot of pressure. The Place Plan shows some of the achievements over the last year and the work we plan to undertake over the next four years.

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