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Operating within the Place Directorate, Community Regeneration shares the vision articulated in the B&NES Public Services Board and the Economic Strategy: Bath and North East Somerset will be internationally renowned as a beautifully inventive and entrepreneurial 21st century place with a strong social purpose and a spirit of wellbeing, where everyone is invited to think big – a ‘connected’ area ready to create an extraordinary legacy for future generations.

The B&NES Economic Strategy provides the high level priorities which will deliver this vision for the people and place by providing the right infrastructure and connectivity.

The Divisional Director for Community Regeneration is John Wilkinson.

There are four service areas that deliver the vision and the Economic Strategy priorities, these are listed below.

Housing Services


Couple with house keys
  • Regulation of housing standards
  • Adaptations and improvements to support independent living
  • Prevention of homelessness including provision of temporary accommodation
  • Allocation of social housing
  • Enabling affordable housing development

Staff are located in Lewis House, Bath

Heritage Services

Staff are based at various locations in Bath, Pump Rooms, Roman Baths, The Guildhall, Assembly Rooms, The Fashion museum & Victoria Art Gallery.

Economy and Culture

Staff are located in Lewis House, Bath.


  • Work very closely with colleagues in project delivery, acting as the client on behalf of the council on the delivery of regeneration projects across the entire B&NES area which seek to address the aims and objectives of the Economic Strategy.
  • A major focus for 2015 is the delivery of the Bath City Riverside Enterprise Area.  Covering 98 hectares of central Bath, this project will deliver 9,000 new jobs and 3,400 new homes for Bath
  • Part of the Enterprise Area, a key future project is Bath Quays aiming to create a new Central Business District for the city.

Sketch of Development

The current list of projects can be found on the Major projects web page.

Staff are located in Lewis House, Bath.  The team comprises a manager, two senior development officers and 2 development support officers and a marketing/communications role.

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