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What is Community Transport?

Community Transport is transport organised by the community for the community.

The Community Transport schemes in Bath & North East Somerset are aimed at providing members of the public, who are unable to use conventional public transport due to disability or age, with fully accessible transport in order to help solve their mobility problems, or because of a lack of availability of adequate and safe public passenger services.

The Council’s Role

Overcoming social exclusion is at the heart of what community transport has always been about.  Bath & North East Somerset Council is committed to supporting local community transport based initiatives in the area both in terms of direct support such as advice on operational matters and in terms of providing funding, subject to meeting funding criteria and budgetary limitations.

What Schemes are Available?

There are three types of community transport schemes operating in most parts of Bath & North East Somerset:  

  • Dial-a-ride 
  • Mini Bus Schemes
  • Voluntary Car Schemes

 A full list of the schemes operating in Bath & North East Somerset can be found at:

How to Get Involved

If you wish to get involved in Community Transport, please view our How to Get Involved page.

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