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In parallel with the West of England Joint Spatial Plan and Transport Study, Bath and North East Somerset Council has commissioned consultants to develop a Transport Strategy for the Somer Valley.  This covers Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Peasedown St John, Paulton, Timsbury and the surrounding areas.

The transport work will look to recommend improvements or measures to address existing problems.  It will also take into account the Council’s Core Strategy which is proposing housing and employment growth in the Somer Valley with 2,470 new dwellings and 900 net additional jobs between 2011 & 2029.

The study needs to understand existing transport issues and priorities for improvements or measures to be included in the proposed Transport Strategy.  As part of this, we would like your views on the existing issues, proposed objectives and possible improvements outlined below:

Existing Transport Issues

The following key issues in relation to local transport in the Somer Valley have been identified:

  • High traffic volumes through built-up areas
  • High levels of out-commuting
  • Local peak period traffic congestion
  • Significant numbers of road traffic accidents
  • Narrow footways and limited pedestrian crossing facilities in some areas
  • Limited cycle routes
  • Frequent bus service to Bath from the main towns, limited bus or community transport services to other destinations
  • Relatively long bus travel times and bus fares perceived to be high
  • Accessibility to schools, colleges and health facilities
  • No direct access to the rail network
  • Limited spare parking capacity in Midsomer Norton

Proposed Objectives

The following objectives are proposed for the Somer Valley Transport Strategy:

  • Improving the quality of life for local residents
  • Improving road safety for all users
  • Promoting sustainable mobility where possible
  • Maintaining and enhancing the local environment
  • Addressing the needs of people with mobility impairments
  • Improving access to employment in Bath and Bristol
  • Improving access to local facilities by walking and cycling (employment, learning, training, retail, leisure, bus stops)

Possible Improvements

The following types of improvements could be included in the proposed Somer Valley Transport Strategy:

A.  Road safety improvements

B.  Local junction improvements to reduce congestion or serve new developments

C.  Better maintenance of roads and footways

D.  Improved walking routes and pedestrian crossings

E.  More cycle routes

F.  School and Workplace Travel Plans to encourage non-car modes

G.  Reduced speed limits and better management of speeds

H.  Improved information on buses and bus waiting facilities

I.   Improved public or community transport services

J.   Increased public car parking capacity

A Draft Transport Strategy Report will be produced and discussed with the Council, after which it will be subject to public consultation via the Council’s website.

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