Making an Application

There are two methods of making an application: A "Full Plans Application" or a "Building Notice".

Building Control fees / charges - Please note: A fee (charge) is payable for the Building Control service - these are detailed on our applcation forms

Building Regulation application form

Regularisation application form

Details of charges are set out on the charges tables attached to the relevant application form -see link on the right hand side of this page, or are obtainable from our offices.

Full Plans Application

Plans showing details of the proposed work are submitted to the council, together with a completed application form and the appropriate charge. Building Control Surveyors examine the proposals; if they demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations an approval notice is issued. If compliance with the Building Regulations is not shown the applicant will be invited to amend the plans.

Where it is impossible to submit certain information with your application the Council may give a conditional approval. The conditions are:

  • That the plans shall be modified in the way that the Council specifies, or
  • That further plans as the Council specify shall be deposited.

We must give a decision within five weeks of the application being submitted, or two months if the applicant agrees to an extension of time. However we will work well within these time scales.

This method has the considerable advantages of the security of a formal approval and the guidance of an approved plan when the work commences on site.

The approval is often a requirement of banks and building societies before advance of a mortgage or loan for building work.  An approval notice may also be required on the sale of the property.

On satisfactory completion of the works the applicant will receive a Completion Certificate which is a very important document to keep.

Building Notice Application

The Building Notice procedure does not require the submission of detailed plans. It is most suitable for minor works by people who have knowledge of construction and the building regulations.

You cannot use a Building Notice in the following circumstances when:

  • The work is within 3 metres of a public sewer
  • The work is to a building in which people are employed
  • The work involves a new building fronting onto a private street

The information required under the Building Notice system is a completed application form, the appropriate charge and a site plan to a scale not less than 1:1250, but the Council may request further details considered necessary in order to determine that the proposals comply with the building regulations.

The main disadvantage of this system is that you do not have the security of a notice of passing of plans and the guidance of an approved plan to work from, although inspections will be made in the same manner as for the Full Plans process and you will receive a Completion Certificate on satisfactory completion of the job.

Regularisation Application

In the event that you have started work without approval you may submit an application for regularisation.

The charge for a Regularisation application is equivalent to the Building Notice charge plus 25% (although VAT is not levied).

If the Council accepts this, works will be inspected and where necessary you will be asked to open up or uncover some work, conduct certain tests or supply calculations to show compliance with the building regulations.

When compliance is achieved a Certificate of Regularisation will be issued.

The submission of a Regularisation application does not prevent the Council from taking enforcement procedures against the person who carried out the work for a breach of the Building Act or the building regulations.

This procedure can only be used if the work took place after November 1985.

If you wish to report what you believe to be unauthorised building work please contact the Building Control section on 01225 477517 or email us and we will investigate. This can be done anonymously if you wish.

Ways to make a building regulation application

There are a number of ways you can make a building regulation application:-

Online by going to or – you can upload your plans and fill in an application form online. We will contact you quickly about the building regulation charges.

By email to – again you can attach application forms and any plans to the email. We will contact you quickly about the building regulation charges.

By telephone - we will complete the application forms for you (and send you a copy) and you can pay by credit or debit card. Tel: 01225 477517

By post to or in person at Building Control, B&NES, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JG


If you have any queries in relation to building regulation applications please contact the Building Control section by telephoning 01225 477517 or by emailing and we will be happy to assist you.

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