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Who is responsible for health and safety?

  • Most health and safety legislation places the legal duty on the employer (company, partnership or individual) to comply.
  • Responsibilities may be delegated to a 'competent person' to manage health and safety. This may be the employer himself, a suitably trained employee or consultant. However, the employer will still remain legally liable.
  • All employees have a legal duty to co-operate with the employer and not to damage or misuse anything provided for health and safety.
  • Directors, managers, supervisors etc can be prosecuted for health and safety offences if the offence took place with their 'consent or responsibility'.
  • Employers must consult their employees on health and safety matters.

What does the health and safety team do?

  • The team seeks to protect people from accident, ill health or injury relating to their work
  • We ensure that accident notifications received in accordance with the Reporting of Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) are investigated in line with national investigation criteria and our service policies.
  •  We promote health and safety in Bath and North East Somerset in accordance with local and national initiatives.
  •  We carry out health and safety inspections
  •  We investigate complaints about workplaces.

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