The Cabinet is proposing how much money will be spent on services, invested in projects and the level of Council Tax for 2015/16 on 11 February 2015. This information will help you to understand the challenges we are facing whilst striving to deliver excellent services to local people, making our area the place to live, work and visit in the UK.

All town halls across the country are facing difficult decisions in order to provide local services and make their budgets balance. We are in a better position than most local authorities because we have consistently balanced our budgets, built-up a strong level of financial reserves, and made substantial back office savings. 

What happened in February 2013?

In order for the Council to plan which services that we provide over the coming years, a three year budget plan was agreed covering 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16. This is the third year of that plan. Three priorities guide our decision making:

  • Protecting services to the public;
  • No increases in Council Tax;
  • Investing in homes and jobs for local people.

As part of their budget proposal, the Cabinet published 'Our Aims and Ambitions for Local People Explained - 2013/14 to 2015/16' which goes into greater detail about how these priorities will be achieved.

Agenda papers for the budget meeting give a full analysis of the budget figures. These were issued with an accompanying news release explaining the key aspects of the proposals. You can see how your money was spent in our Council Tax Spending Guide 2014/15.

Investing in our area

The three year plan includes proposals for substantial investment in projects for the future that will benefit people today and future generations. These projects include:

Budget 2015/16 process so far...

Each of the Policy Development and Scrutiny Panels considered progress updates about the delivery of the three year plan. This covered adult social care, education, place, resources and regeneration, skills and employment.

The Cabinet will meet on 11 February 2015 to finalise their budget proposal to Council. A news release about these proposals is available.

Agenda papers for the meeting give a full analysis of the budget figures. The Council will meet on 17 February 2015 to discuss these proposals and set a budget. 

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