At Bath & North East Somerset we value our customers and their feedback so we closely monitor all the compliments, comments and complaints that we receive and use the information gained to improve the services that we provide.

As part of these improvements we provide feedback to our customers on issues that have been identified as a result of the complaints received. We will highlight any service improvements that have taken place, or provide further information to clarify any issues that may have arisen as a result of any policy or legislative changes.

The last quarterly report is available for you to download below:

Quarterly customer feedback summary Apr - June 2018 (PDF 2.3MB)

If you would like this report in a different format, please contact us. Previous quarterly reports are also available at the bottom of this page.

This report gives a corporate overview of the customer feedback that has been received and responded to in the past quarter, and notes any key actions or considerations that have resulted from a high level review.

Our Service Teams, responsible for specific services delivered by the Local Authority, handle their own customers' feedback cases and provide quarterly updates on trends, issues or changes that the service is undertaking as a direct or partial result of the feedback they have received. Some of the key outcomes of that feedback are detailed below, and in the “You said / We did…” section of the quarterly summary report, compiled directly from the Customer Feedback Officers (CFOs) responsible for each service area.

Service Trends / recurring themes You said... We did...

People & Communities Directorate

Adult Social Care

No feedback received during this quarter via the corporate process.

Place Directorate

Development & Regeneration No feedback was received during this quarter via the corporate process.
Highways & Traffic

The main problems reported over the last quarter centred on delays caused by Road works and Resurfacing works. We also received a few complaints around new TRO consultations and changes.

Delays and noise caused by road works saw an increase this quarter. This was partially due to several maintenance works needing to be completed at the same time clashing with South Gloucestershire works as well.

We had a number of complaints about road works in and around Keynsham adding delays to entering or leaving the area. (accounted for 12/44 complaints)

We apologised for the delays and explained that we could not avoid the two sets of works overlapping on this occasion. The Somerdale development works were triggered by a planning condition where once a certain number of units had been built, junction improvements had to be completed. The waterproofing and resurfacing works around the Hicks Gate roundabout were essential and weather dependant, so not possible to postpone.

We have had some complaints about noise from resurfacing works carried out overnight around Marlborough Buildings.

We apologised for the noise but explained that the works needed to be completed over night to avoid more delays during the daytime. Unfortunately the machinery does create quite a bit of noise and with the warm weather residents had open windows, highlighting the disturbance.

We received a few complaints regarding Resident Parking TRO consultations. Complaint believed restrictions were not justified or needed. A few were confused about the TRO process in general.

We assured them that policy had been followed and the restrictions were justified. We also clarified the consultation process and made sure that all notices were listed on our website.

Parks & Green Spaces

Long grass on verges not being cut as frequently as in the past.

Reflecting the reduced budgets/staffing available, areas of grass that have previously been cut are no longer being maintained by the parks department. This has resulted in negative feedback from some customers.

We have provided information on grass cutting schedules and mowing frequency on our website, to increase transparency for customers, and are directing them to this page when responding to complaints.

Overhanging vegetation and nettles growing onto footpaths, particularly at Linear Park.

Litter left in parks and overflowing bins, particularly following Bath Carnival celebrations in Sydney Gardens.

Litter left in parks and overflowing bins following the hot weather – complaints from customers.

Improved signs for bins within the parks are being rolled out, and we put together a social media campaign with waste services to encourage the public to take their waste home with them.

Trees dying in the dry weather – some newly planted trees have deteriorated as they have not been watered frequently enough, and plants have died in the planters on London Rd.

Negative feedback re. not watering of plants in planters and newly planted trees in dry weather

We increased the watering regime to account for the warm weather and also posted on social media to make the suggestion that local residents take action to water local trees themselves.

Branches from trees have been cracking and falling in the dry weather - for example on Dapps Hill in Keynsham and in the Circus, Bath.

Inadequate water supplies at allotments due to dry weather.

Duck pond in Royal Victoria Park – concerns from visitors that current low water levels are detrimental to the fish.

Some customers have complimented us on the new grass cutting regime and practice of leaving areas of longer grass, which will help to encourage wildlife and wild flowers.

Installation of the County Bridge Stone in Keynsham Memorial Park was received well and parks team were thanked for effort put in.

Parks have won five Green Flag awards this year, with positive feedback from judges.

Transport & Parking

Passenger Transport Service comment
– The level of feedback about Passenger Services is very low

There was no specific customer feedback this quarter. Most feedback received is positive, with the service viewed as helping people access services and facilities

In Parking Services most feedback relates to individual issues or concerns.

Feedback often relates to the issue of penalty charge notices which is replied to in accordance with the Parking statutory process rather than the Feedback and Complaint policy.

Parking Services:-

You raised concern regarding the presence of homeless people at Manvers Street car park.

We explained we recognise concerns about environment issues at the location and that our cleansing team are making regular daily visits to address this.

We are also working with partners such as local advice and support agencies and the Police as part of a multi-agency approach to address a complex social issue

You were frustrated about receiving a Bus Lane Penalty Charge Notice

We provided advice about how to appeal against the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice if you think it shouldn’t have been issued.

We also explained that Bus Lanes are in place to assist the free flow of public service vehicles in the city and to reduce the number of vehicles queuing through central areas in support of sustainable transport options and the improvement of air quality for all.

We continue to receive positive feedback about the level of customer service we provide:

We are pleased to receive positive feedback and always pass this on to our colleagues

Customer Service is a key priority for us. We continue to support and develop our teams to uphold the highest of standards as Ambassadors of the Council

Public Transport

In Public Transport, most feedback relates to individual issues or concerns.

We also receive feedback for services provided and managed by commercial bus operators and liaise with them as appropriate.

You raised concern about an out of date bus timetable at Grand Parade in the city centre.

We arranged for this to be updated and replaced as a matter of urgency.

Development Management(Planning)

The main reason for complaint, this quarter, continues to be disagreement with planning application decisions, officer handling of planning applications and handling of enforcement cases.

There were two stage 2 requests but none warranted further investigation.

There were 14 compliments recorded.

The main issues continue to be complaints about planning decisions

We explain the reason behind the decision.

Business Support (Finance)

Complaint re surcharge payable for garden waste on automated payment system

Advised that surcharge is not payable and that screen message soon to be updated accordingly.

Complaint re issues paying for garden waste online.

Sent full details clarifying route on B&NES website how to do this.

Business Continuity & Emergency Planning

No feedback was received during this quarter via the corporate process.


New self-service print and pay system.

Service delivery – adversely affected by shortage of staff.

Various complaints about new printing system – too complicated, touch screen too small to use, no change given, can’t change money at counter, only one machine for both printing and photocopying

Mobile library – irregular service at some stops. Due to bank holidays/staff leave (no replacement driver).

Staff supporting public to learn to skills of self service. Forwarding complaints/comments to implementation team who will review usage and potentially create a business case for a secondary machine if usage warrants it.

Advertised for replacement driver (no success as yet). Trialled dial-a-ride service where residents would be picked up and taken to Central library whilst mobile was off the road. Not many people took this up.

Project Delivery, Property & Facilities

No feedback was received during this quarter via the corporate process.

Strategy & Performance

No trend or theme could be identified from the piece of feedback received during the last quarter. The suggestion was passed to the relevant service for consideration.

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